NFA Winners 2022

NFA Winners 2022

NFA Winners 2022

Northland’s forestry heroes celebrated on stage at awards

The 2022 Northland Forestry Awards have proved to be a huge winner in more ways than one. Not only did the annual event attract record nominations but it was close to a sell-out awards evening that celebrated all that was good about forestry and the region.

Luke Rosewarne, from Rosewarne Yarding, was the supreme winner of the Skilled Professional of the Year (sponsored by Northland Forestry Health and Safety Group) and also walked away with the AB Equipment & Tigercat sponsored Harvesting Excellence award.

The Rosewarne family companies had done very well in the awards, with Rosewarne Cable Loggers’ Sean Mete winning the Breaking Out Excellence category (sponsored by McFall Fuel) and Kerry Pellegrom the Woman in Forestry Excellence (sponsored by PF Olsen). Kerry was also runner-up in Outstanding Health and Safety Management (sponsored by Summit Forest NZ Ltd) division.

Judges struggled to separate the Wilson family from Northpine and the Zielinski family from Silviculture Contractors, jointly awarding them the Forestry Family of the Year award (sponsored by Northern Forest Products). On one hand was the pioneering Wilson family, with generations involved over many decades in the industry. They have worked across multiple regions, are still committed to all aspects of the wood processing industry and are proud to call Northland home.

On the other hand, was the Zielinski family who may not go back quite as far but in their decades work have entrenched themselves as a huge asset to forestry. The company is led by brothers Craig and John, with the wider family also involved.

Head judge,  Mandie Skipps during judging said it had been excellent to see so many nominations. “Recognising our great workforce is so important,” she said. “We were really pleased to see many woodlot contractors stepping up to put people forward and also the mid-sized companies putting their employees forward.”

The health and safety category had attracted several strong nominations which pleased judges immensely.

Last year the awards were held virtually, due to COVID, so it was certainly exciting for the industry to gather at McKay Stadium in Whangarei to be entertained by MC Jeremy Corbett to toast forestry and those who make it what it is.

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Northland Forestry H&S Group Skilled Professional of the Year:
Luke Rosewarne (Rosewarne Yarding)

Northern Forest Products Forestry Family of the Year:
the Wilson family (Northpine)
the Zielinski family (Silviculture Contractors)

ISO Contractor of the Year:
IK & SM Newey Transport

Summit Forest NZ Ltd Outstanding Health and Safety Management:
Aztec Forestry Transport Development
Runner-up: Kerry Pellegrom (Rosewarne Cable Loggers)

Wise on Wood Outstanding Environmental Management:
Duane Doughty (DOC Livestock)

Northland Forest Managers Forestry Excellence:
Kim Kire (JSB Construction)

Fortuna Roading Excellence:
Dylan Read (JSB Construction)
Runner-up: Scott Johnson (Scott Johnson Contracting)

AB Equipment & Tigercat Harvesting Excellence:
Luke Rosewarne (Rosewarne Yarding)
Runner-up: Stan Houston (The Tree People)

Pacific Motor Group Distribution Excellence:
Justin (Gus) Collins (Mike Lambert Ltd)

Bay of Islands ITM Wood Processing Excellence:
Paul Rupapera (Rosvall Sawmill)

McFall Fuel Breaker Out Excellence:
Sean Mete (Rosewarne Cable Loggers)

Manulife Investment Management Tree Faller Excellence:
Edward (Blue) Lloyd (Lloyd Logging)

PF Olsen Woman in Forestry Excellence:
Kerry Pellegrom (Rosewarne Cable Loggers)

Patchell Log Truck Driver Excellence:
Wayne Thornton (Aztec FTD)

North Tec/Te Pukenga Emerging Talent of the Year:
Journee Houston (Mid Northern Forestry Ltd)
Runner-up: Harry Harrison (Wise on Wood)

Northland Wood Council Training Company/Contractor of the Year:
Wise on Wood

Competenz/Te Pukenga Trainee of the Year:
Troy Wilson (Northpine)


Gold Sponsors: Northland Forestry H&S Group, Summit Forest NZ, Wise on Wood, China Forestry Group NZ, Northern Forest Products Ltd, ISO.

Silver Sponsors: Competnz/Te Pūkenga, ITM Bay of Islands, Northland Forest Managers, AB Equipment/Tigercat, PF Olsen, Manulife Investment Management, Patchell, Finance NZ, Wide Wood Industry Trust, UDC, Fortuna, C3, Pacific Motor Group Northpine, North Tec/Te Pūkenga, Te Uru Rākau, McFall Fuel.

Bronze Sponsors: Shaws, Trimble, NZME, NZ Safety Blackwoods, Deals on Wheels, Quest, Rayonier Matariki Forests, NZ Forestry, FICA.


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